Paneer Masala



• Onion 1/2 LB
• Tomato 1 LB
• Ginger small pieces
• Garlic 10 small cloves
• Mint leaves 10 leaves
• Green Chilli 10 (or to taste)
• PTI Coriander Whole
• PTI Cardamom 1 piece
• 2 pieces Cloves
• 2 tbsp. Vegetable oil
• Whole Milk 1 cup
• 1 package frozen Shamiana frozen Paneer


1. Heat butter in a pan. Allow it to melt.

2. Then add the clove and cardamom. Fry for a second.

3. Add finely cut Garlic, Ginger, Chilli and onions.

4. Fry all these things nicely and when the onions turn golden brown and give a nice aroma, add the tomatoes and fry.

5. Fry all the ingredients nicely for 15 minutes making sure that nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan.

6. After frying well, remove the pan from stove.

7. Add mint leaves just before removing the pan.

8. And cool the masala. Grind the masala with water – Do not add too much water.

9. Masala should be of medium consistency.

10. Heat the pan, and add the ground masala.

11. To this add salt to taste and the fried paneer cubes.

12. Cook this in slow fire for 15 – 20 minutes.

13. Garnish with cilantro and serve with hot Parathas.

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